About Us

Code3 Apparel is an original, one of a kind brand that truly represents fire service, law enforcement, EMS, and military. Based on our background we focus on fitness, lifestyle, and valor of the real daily heroes, athletes, and warriors. Code3 designs are edgy, modern, and tactical, emphasing on service personnel. Code3 also fits well with everyone that lives an active and healthy lifestyle with fashionably fit day to day fitness, duty, and street wear.

One of the most important mission of Code3 Apparel is to create a Code3 Foundation that will benefit people and organizations that relates to fire service, law enforcement, EMS and military. Our way of achieving that goal is by putting 10% of our sales profit aside from day one.
Thank you for choosing/support a product of passion, fitness, lifestyle and valor.
Welcome to the Code3 Society
Instagram: @teamcode3